Dear younger self – part 2

Success is the product of making consistently more good choices than bad.  You can over-complicate it, but essentially it comes down to the law of averages.  Make enough of the right choices, while avoiding the wrong ones, and eventually you’ll be successful.  Ironically, what we sometimes call a right decision may not be. It appears right in the moment, but when tried in the fires of time and circumstance, proves an imposter.  As someone who appreciates a system that can be replicated, this irony isn’t helpful.

As a young man, success was elusive.  I wasn’t born with incredible intelligence.  I didn’t possess a crazy amount of personal drive.  I was more of a loose cannon than many of my peers.  And I was far more concerned with what I projected than what I was.  So if I could climb in a tricked out Delorian and offer my young self some advice, this is what I’d write on the cocktail napkin…

  • Deliver more than what’s expected
  • Surround yourself with people who make you better
  • Honor your conscience
  • To hell with being cool
  • Be sincere and authentic
  • At all costs, live in your passion
  • Everybody matters…everybody
  • Show up early
  • Integrity is more valuable than any amount of money
  • Follow people worthy of being followed
  • Be worthy of followers
  • When necessary, be willing to look stupid
  • Respect age

As time goes on, so inevitably does the list.  What would be on your napkin?


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