Mustard Cheesecake

In my line of work, creativity is often placed on a pedestal right alongside the Trinity.  I’m exaggerating of course, but not by much.  It’s not a bad thing, creativity; on the contrary, I consider myself a student and lover of the imaginative – cuisine, architecture, graphic design, music, verbiage, clothing, etc.  However, there is a catch:

Creativity requires a certain degree of quality.

If there’s no underlying quality, the product becomes experimental at best.  Which has it’s place, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  Creativity alone doesn’t carry much weight when it comes to producing a product (music, article, jacket, souffle, etc).  Kind of like mustard cheesecake – it might be creative, but that doesn’t make it good.

In all fairness, the qualitative element of “good” can shift significantly.  What’s good for one might be absolutely atrocious for another.  The point is not to allow ourselves to rest on the laurels of creative success without at least nodding at quality.  Think of the many products pimped on late-night cable now rusting at the bottom of a land fill.  Contrast that with anything made by Apple.  Creativity balanced with quality can change the world.



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