“Honor Competition”

What do these events all have in common?  1) The final game in the movie “Hosiers”,  2) The American hockey team against the Soviets at the 1980 Olympics,  3) American Idol,  and 4) Family football on Thanksgiving Day.

Yep, intense competition!

Most of us, on some level, enjoy intense competition; it’s part of the human spirit.  But, like you’re probably thinking, we all gravitate toward the arena from different angles.  For example, Karrie and I are both competitive, but in very different ways.  Karrie will fly under the radar until she sees an opportunity to capitalize on her opponents weakness.  My strategy, on the other hand, is to be very selective about only entering those competitions that suit my skills and I feel I can win.  (This is why I rarely play card games with my wife.  I’m a poor card player, and she will tear me up should I be overcome by her siren song and venture into her territory.)

However, there is a competition that I’m convinced will galvanize, rather than polarize.  It’s found in a few short words contained in Romans 12, verse 10.  Here it is: “Outdo one another in showing honor”  Whoa!  Now I have to admit, while it sounds noble, it also sounds quite difficult.  I mean, it may be easy at first because our culture has practically lost the art of honor.  But what happens when I encounter someone who is really good at it?  Well, then I hope to learn from the honor they’ve shown, and in turn, pass that along…so I can totally SMOKE the next guy…with honor.


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