What about the obvious answer…

Over the weekend I read a story on MSNBC about a 3 year old boy who tips the scales at a whopping 132 lbs, and according to doctors, his size is not due to a hormone or growth disorder.  Apparently, he cries…loudly…when he doesn’t receive the amount of food he wants.

The tragedy is that his parents feed him in order to keep him from crying.  If they could only look into the future and foresee the huge disadvantage they are creating for him.  Can they justifiably argue they are operating in his best interest?  According to the story, they originally visited the doctor suspecting the hormone imbalance, not over-feeding.

Here’s my question.  Why was a hormone imbalance the first suspect?  Surely, the parents had some understanding that their son was consuming an abnormally large quantity of food.  I wonder if the reality of their own complicity was too uncomfortable to confront.

So we ask:

Why don’t I feel energetic this afternoon?

Why don’t I have close friends?

Why do I feel distant from God?

Why is my marriage on the rocks?

Why am I not happy in my job?


Sometimes the answer is nearly impossible to nail down.  Other times the answer sits boldly in front of our face.  Addressing our shortcomings head-on certainly requires a significant amount of internal courage; but in the long run, asking the hard questions up front may prove to be the best strategy.

One of my greatest fears is self-deception.  When the truth is ugly, my natural instinct is to craft an alternate truth…one much more palatable and sympathetic to my failure.  On the journey to find the truth about myself I’ve come a long way…but, man I have a long way still to go.



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