The Silver Bullet Myth

For my fellow vampire movie fans, you’ll appreciate the Silver Bullet analogy.  As you know, for those tasked with eliminating the pesky blood-suckers, the Silver Bullet was one sure way of solving the problem…immediately.

For those outside the world of legend, we still value the idea of a silver bullet.  It’s why we want diet pills.  The reason self-help tips are so popular.  And one of the driving forces behind materialism.  We want it fixed, and we want the one sure-fire trick to making it happen NOW.

However, when it comes to growing and developing in our abilities and talents, there’s no one-shot solution.  Rather, it’s the culmination of many small decisions and adjustments.  The trick is to never stop adjusting.  Our comfort zone is incredibly powerful; it can blind us to our own need to improve.  But we must become accustomed to living outside the comfort zone.  It’s the only sure fire way to experience growth.


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