Okay isn’t…

The word “okay” has become synonymous with mediocrity. We use it strike a verbal balance between “heinous” and “freakin’ awesome”. Obviously, there are times when it describes a situation perfectly so my contempt for the word certainly isn’t unilateral. The issue I take has more to do with the philosophy behind the use rather than the use itself. I’m going to split a hair here. “Okay” is a valid assessment, but not a valid objective. Because of reality, there are times I’ll look at what I’ve accomplished and deem it “okay” – but it’s not what I was striving for, my objective was “Great”. Because of my personal or environmental limitations, greatness is just allusive sometimes and I fall squarely inside mediocre.

However, this is a fact, the more we strive for greatness the closer we get to actually achieving it with consistency. If we ever start settling for “okay” the game’s over – we lose.

How can you begin using “okay” as an assessment, but not allow it to become an objective?

Have you ever landed in a pile of mediocrity and called it greatness?


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