improvement = change = discomfort

We except it as a fitness fact.  I watched an episode of “The Biggest Loser” several months ago.  While some of the people seemed irritated at the process, most realized from the start that a serious amount of discomfort was on the menu.  Most of us aren’t prepared to run a marathon today – we haven’t sufficiently improved our cardiovascular efficiency, muscle endurance, mental focus, or joint stability.  The truth is – we’ll NEVER be prepared to run a marathon if we don’t address those areas needing improvement.  And whether we like it or not, all that improving – that results in change – comes with a price of discomfort.

The formula is applicable to any type of personal improvement.  We will never significantly improve without experiencing some level of discomfort.

Here’s the key:  our distaste for discomfort, left unchallenged, will keep us from becoming the person God desires.

I don’t want to show up in heaven some day only to realize I reached half of my potential…


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